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Top 10 Acupuncture Questions

In this teleseminar Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco provides answers to your top 10 acupuncture questions and the 10 lessons you can use right away to improve your practice today!

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Shoulder Scan

The case video presents an effective clinical sequence to approach the functional examination of a pain with movement problem on the shoulder region. In the absence of gross orthopaedic problems, functional shoulder problems are particularly difficult to assess because of the complex neurological and biomechanical dimensions of this intricate region. The video presents a "movement and palpation" based examination sequence that will help practitioners identify specifically: areas contributing to the lost mobility, muscle groups affected by neuromotor inhibition, and areas of mechanosensitivity associated with trophic changes in the areas of sensory receptor fields. In turn, these findings will help design more effective treatment interventions to facilitate neurofunctional and microstructural changes that will result in better movement capabilities and higher adaptability to handle gravitational and reaction forces.


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