Hear From our Past Students

"In summary, the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Core Program is a comprehensive, well-organized, practical and extremely useful course for any provider working in the clinical areas of Musculo-skeletal or Pain Medicine. Without hesitation, I can say that it is the most valuable acupuncture training in which I have participated."

Brahman Levy, M.D., Medical Director, WORKNET Occupational Medicine, Stratford, NJ

"The course provided me with the foundation and course material resources to learn and apply new aspects of functional anatomy and applications of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture in patient care every day. Most importantly, I have added a new and dynamic modality that I was quickly able to utilize to really help my patients."

Robert D. Kelly, MD, Department of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, Boston, MA

"This course is not only about learning how to do acupuncture, though you definitely do; the emphasis is on learning to assess and treat the nervous system with your hands. Dr. Elorriaga masterfully demonstrates time and again that “pain is in the brain,” but can be accessed and influenced through the peripheral nervous system. By using electro-acupuncture along nerve paths rather than traditional meridians, you can “talk” to nerves in their language and achieve unbelievable results. This may be the answer to all those elusive patients whom you have been unable to help in the past. If you are a manual practitioner, you must take this course!"

Larissa M. Juren, DC, Vancouver, BC

"Contemporary Acupuncture is the course that brings all the basic sciences and professional training into clinical practice in a way that makes sense and produces results. For anyone wanting to move forward in medical and manual therapy practice this course is the one that will bring you at the forefront of modern medicine and manual therapy."

Chris Michailidis, DC, BA Kin (Hons), Toronto, ON


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